Andrew McNally

Chelsie Windsor

Melanie Turner 

Head of Strategic Category Development

- Mars

Andrew Zorzit

Some of the tools that I wasn't sure I believed in were actually the most impactful for me and elicited some of the strongest emotional responses from me. I encourage anybody whose thinking about this to take a chance to be open to new possibilities, to allow yourself to actually listen to your own mind and body when you are going through this process and to just be aware that the only person holding you back is yourself

Shannon Jordan

Senior Manager - Operational Environment

Freedom Mawoyo

Entrepeneur - Sydney / Africa

"I started to see positive changes in my personal and my professional life, as my point of view started to shift in both my awareness and perspective. The combination of Matilda’s amazing coaching methods and the interaction was excellent and each week was a constant motivator. I can highly recommend the program to anyone considering coaching who wants to see some defined changes in their life"

Michael Pagano

Account Manager

"The program gave me skills for more positive observations on the world influences and the choices I make in every situation, dramatically affecting outcomes of the day for the better. I now have more confidence in my organisational and decision-making ability, as well as a clearer view of what's really important to me. I'm enjoying this better direction and wisdom that I'm experiencing daily from changing my perspective on situations that develop."

Daniel Jerabek

MMU Operator - ORICA

Jessica Coble

Vet Tech

Nisal Karunaratne